12th day

I am very estable right now. What do I mean with estable? Well not that I am feeling good and I am enjoying the moment, it's more like... I know the direction, I know there is a path, even if I have moments like this where I don't see it, I know it's there, it's opening, I am finding it again, or maybe I feel like I am not there for any reason, there are a lot of factors that can lead me to stay a bit off or just 'normal', so I am estable right now, and that doesn't mean I am happy and feeling good, I am estable because I have the awareness of what I am experiencing to be existence right now, and I would make a mistake if I think that the whole existence is how I am experiencing myself right now. Raul just don't do something you will regret, an extreme example of something I would regret it's drugs, but really I was not even close to that, I was more in... don't sell your awareness, don't sell your soul to anything that abstract you from the moment, breath, see what is there, create the chance for the moment to express itself, maybe even... create something with this energy. Compose a song, clean your fucking house, cry, but don't escape from this 'bad' perception of your mind, see it directly, at any moment you can go out of the polarity, when you do, see what you learn, notice how is reality, and how you were imagining it while being in the polarity.
I think this is me, going from one pole to the other, while having awareness, that means no polarity. When I am happy, I have the inspiration, the force of creation, I can create something beautiful, when I am not happy, what do I create? If I just take the energy and do something with it, even if doing something is doing nothing, I can be doing nothing, the important point is: don't sell yourself, don't regret anything, make sure that when you go from pole to pole you still being yourself, maybe you become richer when you have a lot of perspectives together. When I am not happy I can create too, I create, creation it's always there.What it needs it's expression, I can create an ugly song, or just cry or do whatever I want I am free. I will not reject the bad, I won't love the good. And I will keep creating.


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