Third day

hello! I'm here listening to hotel california, while thinking how absolutely deep and complex is the universe... this challence, it's so big... I have moments where I am seeing my reactions about my whole life and taking them to oness and equality and I get tired, I have to rest, because there is just so much to do... if I was not there, so many things would be different, so many reactions would be unseen, I really need to make the effort and bring what I deserve, in fact it's for my own good

While listening to amazing songs I have a feeling, if I had to define it I would say it's like feeling the creation of the universe, and I am very happy because this feeling grows everyday, there is a magical substance of inspiration inside of me, something I trully love, and I am so lucky, so so lucky that I have the chance to one day share that with people in an concert, and I want to have 0 ego with that, I want to just enjoy the chance in my life, no less no more. Inspiration comes and go, I think you must let it be, relaxed, being who you are, humild, why more than that, or why less. I FUCKING love music, I sometimes imagine what is really music about, because with the notes I feel some messages, message without words, but messages, and I enjoy tring to guess what they are about, for example this chromatic scale of hotel california brings something mysterious, it's not an avarge chords progression, you have the potential to enjoy it a lot. By the way stairway to heaven has the same chromatic scale and I reccomend Frank Zappas' version, lovely.

Definetly, to be here as myself has become enough for me, I am a creator, and I just die for music, each day I feel more in love with it. I love it but I won't deppend or get attached to it, this is a two love polarity, love is only real with the good and the bad, there is no good without bad, there can't be, also there is no just only bad, never, it's good and bad, so be relaxed it won't always be bad, but also remember good it's not forever don't get attached!! Just drop out of the polarity, be real, free, enjoy what is next to you... I understand this very well, and it helps my own soul, because I have had a mind so attached to the "good", and it brings inspiration to me to know I am being trully good, accepting the good and the bad.

Each day I am more impressed about how many knowledge there is in Desteni I process, really, the mind can't understand it, I fefel lucky I found this source of support for fredom, and this is something I will really solve in the future, because I treat Desteni as something of value, like something I want to keep, for the moment I really have enough work, but I will solve everything.

It's amazing the ammount of inspiration I get when I know I am being the true manifestation of myself, after a whole life of separation, this growing joy is new for me, every moment is new, I sometimes think I finally have it, but it's a never ending road.

Btw, I'm buying this piece of love soon  the sound of it is very deep and profund and also treble, lovely.


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