Second random talk about my existence

Hello, I feel like I desire to express myself, to create anything that I want to create in a beautiful form, to me. I love reading and writing but I can't really express the beauty with the words in english, in spanish I love playing with the words and the order.

So I was thinking about how all the existence has been separated from heaven, heaven meaning... the simple absolute expression of yourself., and that for me is perceived very good in the mind, like... I just created something according to me and it feels like myself and I am absolutely satisfied. I believe there is only 1 thing that satisfies a person, you can say that a lot of different things satisfy you in your existence, like I don't know... whatever you desire, but in the reality it's all about one thing. It's the journey and the purpose of each person to discover what is that one thing, because all existence seem to exist in separation, this idea came to me while reading a book some moments ago, I was seeing in the book a situation where the main character faces a conflict in which the evil has power, that means the evil force wins in the conflict, and then you could see as a result what would have been right to do in that situation, so the main character, the one telling the story, was in some way suffering because of what happened, because he knew it was not an balanced situation, and this lead me to the conclussion of, how is it that the existence exists in separation? where did everything start to exist this way? do you imagine the real existence? That is not like everything is okay and boring forever... it's an absolute limite expanding situation, but in that you won't find this evil force, this thing that... just takes the right thing, and it destroyes it, it creates pain to satisfy the necesities of a being. This is why I think that the less necesities to be happy I have, te better. I want my happines to be my own nature, I don't want it to depend on things, and this is something very difficult and emotional to do... because I do it at a certain level, but then I find my barriers, my limites, where I no more see a limit to expand, I see myself, I see something I don't want to give up, but I only should feel I don't want to give up the good! The right, so how is it that I have allowed something to have this power over me, at a certain point of my existence I allowed to posses me. This is what I do with everything, I try to discover the point of origin, and I know It's the right way, for some people scary.

So humanity has forgotten what is haven, and now they are waking up and really, really feeling what is like to see the evil, and instead of accepting and allowing it, doing the right thing, become the living example. I see a existence where everything has existed in it own nature... why would it be different... and there you find the thing that is happening to you, what you are experiencing, and you can see so clearly what to do... I for some times in my life didn't have that, and in some way I had something alive inside myself, seeing all the wrong decitions I was doing, even if I was the wrong decitions, it was not the entire manifestation of me, it could not be. This is how I know that the reality is the good, the right, the nature, what the souls want to express in the exact expression, there is no more than that. It's an art, the art of creating creation, there are masters in that art, I am only a person that creates what he desires.

I can't take the world, the entirety of the world, and place it in heaven, I wish it could be done, but the world is so big... at least I can exist in the right expression of my being, and withing that  have my influence on the world around me.

The world exists in separation, but there is no need to. There is always the possibility of taking responsability for oneself.

My concert was nice, I expanded my limits, I wish I could have reacted a bit different to certain situations, but I did my best, and I will continue growing as I do. I don't regret anything, I am relaxed, I can trust myself, right now I have me. But also, I know what lives in my subconscious mind, I know it can appear, so I will be watching, waiting to face my demons.


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