Starting something new

English is not my main language, but I know enough to explain myself decently (at least for me)

I have been looking inside for a long time, enough to feel responsable and honest with myself, but what does that mean, to be responsable and honest with yourself? Is it... something you get and then you are done and that's it, is it that simple? Reality is much more complex... there is a whole world of perceptions inside of each one, I know I am honest, I know I am responsable, that is a personal perception of truth knowledge and love I have inside me, and nobody can take that away from me, because it's just me, a product of my own love through honesty, but I am not here to talk about that, I am here to talk about how life and processes are very, very deep and complex, and I am here to expand my limits, because I know that I have no limits, and that I am not done because I can be honest with myself, I work every day in becoming the living words of my own expression, and I hope this blog helps me become a better manifestation of who I really am.

Here I will share, in my own way and expression, things that happen in my life, beauty I find in existence, situations, self-forgiveness...

I don't know if I will be able to write here every day, but I know it's very important, and I will do it, I want to do it, but also I have days where nothing really happens in my existence... it's like a bit boring in fact... maybe I can change that with this blog! And open some good interesting points when I have those empty days. I would say that even if I have those borings days I have magical perceptions in my life and this blog is also for that, for sharing those moments of inspiration, and moments of not so much inspiration, I am here to share everything.

I want this blog to be what it can become, and I can't just say I will do it and then it will be done, I have to take responsability for each moment, right now I am starting a blog to express myself, and I will be dissapointed about  myself if I use this blog for 1 or 2 weeks and then leave it.

So, I am a musician, but really, it's not like I am a "musician", what defines a musician? That I have done for a prolonged period of time, movements with my fingers to an instrument with certain intelligence and good taste, so I prefer to say that I have done things with my fingers for a long time and I will keep doing it probably forever, rather than I am a "musician", that doesn't define shit, the interpretation is up to the other person, there is no communication in there, unless of course you and the other person know each other very well, but it's always better to say what means to be a musician for you, instead of just saying I am a musician.
I find something very attractive in being a musician, and it's that it's not something mechanical, it's something that each person will do differently, and this can happen with almost every thing in life, but with an instrument you are kind of amplyfing your soul, and then people can see directly to your soul and see the true cuality of it. So you take the instrument, you are there, you have learnt some movements so you are prepared, you have worked on it to make it look impressive, but is that all? No of course, I have discovered this through my life, there is a huge different between playing an instrument, and playing an instrument with your heart, it's the most important thing. Playing with your heart means that your souls opens and then you are not simply playing a piece of wood with strings, and doing just movements. Everything, has a sweet essence of soul, like if you were doing an amplified action, like an action you are doing while feeling highly inspired, this my friend is what I live for, I hope every person can find the vocation that his/her heart desires, doesn't matter what you do, just do it with the heart, I am currently learning where is my own heart, it's a process... and I am always open to the other person, to anybody, to come and show me my ego, because I want to be real and to be one and equal with the universe, that is in consonance and harmony with my heart, a heart that was given to me by the existence, and right now I am living a process in my life of remembering who I am as one and equal with the universe, and that is against my ego, so sometimes I face conflict, but I have a huge heart, and I am always open to be shown where I am acting based on ego, I think when a person stops growing and accept that he already has no ego... that will create consecuences.

So I am a musician that plays with the heart, I would love to say that that is the entire existence of me but... I also have my own barriers, and limits, but when I am there to expand my limits, I can be my heart in free expression, and that is what I am tring to expand each day, and I hope this blog helps me.

And well I am a musician, I have a concert today, where my limits with myself will be tested, and this is the beggining of my blog, I have to get ready goodbye!!


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