The sixth day

Wow it's 23:59 here in spain, I almost forgot to write myself!!! just in time, I don't care if It's 0:00 now, nothing happened. I must say that when lifes go as you want you feel powerfull, like no barriers, just a feeling of being fine in the present moment... I can't know how usual is that in our humans world, but for me... I will say it, really, I lost it at the age of 5, these moments of complete awareness of myself with my heart by my side? From the age of 5 I separated from that, and how can I tell you exactly the ammount of happyness that I had with 5, the ammount that I lost, the ammount I have now... It's just impossible that we ever know each other, but I know my process and I can talk about it. When I feel inspired I just want to play the guitar, but I am writing now.
It's funny this random talk, no goals, no motivation, no needs, complete awareness in the moment. You can do what you want with this text, I know what I am creating in it and with it.
So this inspiration, this... I want to be happy, and I can be happy right now, I lost it at a very young age, I feel like a complete alternative version of myself is over there, in the multiverse, existing but not existing, because it was liberated. And again I know I am not absolutely liberated, but let me have my times of complete unblamefullness hahahahaha. I have denied to me these unblamefullness moments for so long, I know unblamefullness is a strange word, but since ingles is not my mother language let's allow me some fredom...

So I don't really know what else to say, how are you? Are you fine too? If you are not you must iniciate the search of your soul, and if you are... you must have a soul!! Good job, but don't you think in terms of good/bad I am very addicted to do that...

I wish I could make some self fogiveness or something but I feel I am walking, I am doing what I can do for my own developmente, there is just no need for anything right now. Btw god job Raul, a part of me still impressed that you actually have become this. You wanted it your entire life so... it was already time. These simple words, this simple last sentences have had a long journey through time to come this moment, and then say to my self, this is a really good job!! Impressive

I have a lot of work to do with parts of me, I will be with them tomorrow. Goodbye!!!


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